Aries-You've certainly been working hard, for since last November, Mars has been spending a great deal of time in your workaday sector. Last month, however, Mars started to go retrograde, something Mars rarely does (it's been two years since the last time), so late last month you may have faced a setback. By now you would know what it is, but it is likely you had little control over what happened, so be philosophical. Fortunately Mars won't be retrograde forever, only until April 13. Two months sound far away, but actually. Taurus-Last month's new moon of January 23 is still powerful as you enter February, so if you hope to change positions, you would need to start the process now. If you are self-employed, be out and about, pitching new business - fast! That new moon of late last month, which recently energized your tenth house of fame, was in Aquarius (3 degrees), and because Aquarius rules your friends, one may have a powerful and beneficial bearing on your career progress. Call your friends for advice, and ask them for tips on emerging job openings. Doing focused networking is likely to yield solid results too. You don't have to. Gemini-It is an exciting month on so many levels! At first, you may decide to head to the airport and travel far and wide. You seem to be getting ready to go to the airport to fly to a distant city, if you haven't already done so last month. I love the whole month for you to travel, dear Gemini - you will have so many opportunities. Sometime within four days of the full moon February 7 in Leo (18 degrees) you may make a short, quick trip, all by itself, or as a quick side trip within a long trip you will be on at the time. For example, say, you are in Rome, and you decide to venture into the countryside, say, to Tuscany, and then return to Rome. This full moon is likely to be a good one, although there are no planetary aspects to this moon, a rare instance. This puts more emphasis on. cancerAs you enter February, you seem to be thinking a lot about your finances, most likely out of necessity. The full moon in Leo (18 degrees) of February 7 will likely have you writing a check to satisfy a previously made obligation or making a pricey purchase. That full moon is not making any communications with other planets, so a lot of how things will work out for you will depend on how that full moon relates to other planets in your own chart. You won't have to wait long as February 7 will be here before you know it. Leo-This is a big month because Neptune, the planet of dreams and inspiration, will make a monumental move into your eighth house of other people's money on February 3. Anytime a big planet moves into a new sign, it is always headline news in astrological circles, but this particular planetary move is doubly big. No one alive today has experienced Neptune in Pisces because the last time Neptune visited this sign was between 1847 and 1862. Virgo-You've had Mars in Virgo for several months, since mid-November, and you've enjoyed having the control over events that only an energetic Mars in your sign can provide. You had built up a swift momentum on projects that are dear to you. Last month, however, you may have noticed that things were slowing down, and that approvals were taking longer to accomplish. This is because Mars went retrograde on January 23 and will continue to languish until April 13. This means plans will get delayed. Libra-In life, we often strive for a balance, with hard work sprinkled liberally with moments of pleasure. Lately, this balance has been off for you, and responsibilities and hard work have dominated your life. You may have felt that, at times, that life is a never-ending series of demands, and you may have wondered if this was to be how life would be from now on. No, dear Libra. Things will improve. Scorpio-The month starts out on an important professional note for you, thanks to the full moon in Leo (18 degrees) on February 7, and will bring a career matter to a culmination. If you have been interviewing for a new position, this full moon will bring you the answer within four days of this date. Let's think good thoughts - let's hope the answer is YES! If you are creative and pitching an idea, you will likely get word back about whether the idea is approved and funded. This particular project would give you with the prefect platform to show off your work. Sagittarius-Your career was moving along nicely, and you were making solid progress, but you may have noticed recently that talks began to slow down and it has become harder to get decisions from higher ups. You may have blamed this loss of momentum on the year-end holidays, but that was not the reason. Mars, now touring your tenth house of career fame, honors, and achievement, went retrograde on January 21 and will remain out of phase until April 13. Capricorn-You were thinking a lot about finances last month, and it was a good time to organize things, and even ask for a raise. If you didn't use the new moon in Aquarius last month on January 23 to your advantage, you still have a little time, but you will have to act fast. The light of that new moon is fading fast, so steel your courage and go into your bosses' office and make your case for more salary. If you are self-employed, it's time to raise your rates or pitch new business, quickly. Aquarius-It is birthday time of the year, and you can sense things are going your way at last! Having the Sun and Mercury in the first house of your horoscope is always a big advantage, and as you enter February, you are still feeling the glow of the new moon, January 23. That new moon still has a bit of light left to it that you can use to your advantage during the first week of February. If there's an important person you still need to see, a proposal you need to make, or a project you want to start, do so during February's first week. Pisces-t is not every day that a major planet makes a once-in-165-year entry into a sign, but that is precisely what is about to happen this month. Neptune will enter your sign on February 3 and remain in Pisces for the coming fourteen years. In every respect, Neptune is coming home. Neptune rules Pisces and will exert its best qualities while in its own sign. You will, of course, take to this new trend easily and naturally. Many people never get to experience Neptune in their sign, but because Neptune is your ruling planet, this will make the coming years all the more delicious.

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