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It is the season of Love. Is love seasonal?, you may ask. Isn't it supposed to be all consuming, all pervading and everlasting? Yes and No! I call it the "season of love" because Valentine's Day is around the corner and lovers all over the world are getting all mooney-eyed and all lovey-dovey. The cynics believe that we don't need a special day to celebrate love. If you love someone, you celebrate everyday with them. But the romantics, on the other hand, have a grand Valentine's Day in mind, thoughtfully selecting a gift for their loved one and planning ahead to reserve a table for two for a romantic dinner at a posh restaurant , watch romantic movies together, go on a holiday or do other romantic things together. Taking advantage of the celebratory mood, shops stack up on flowers, heart shaped chocolates, candies, cards and special gifts that declare love. Hoteliers come up with special days or nights dedicated to love to lure the romantics at hearts.
The disagreements regarding Valentine's day do not end here. Some believe that St.Valentine had nothing to do with love. Some others are of the opinion that St. Valentine

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